Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Silly Christian, Science is For Atheists

It was a normal day at school until the Spanish class got into a conversation about time travel.

The conversation had begun when the professor said, "just imagine being able to see into the past."

At which point Jack, the atheist, felt it was necessary to enlighten the class that we could in fact see into the past and even millions of years into the past every night when we see stars.

After the class realized the reality of this fact, the conversation changed to a discussion of whether we could ever travel faster than the speed of light.

The professor said imagine seeing something happen here on earth and rushing faster than the speed of light to be able to see it again on Mars or even Pluto.

The mention of the planet Pluto perplexed one of the Christians in the class who felt the need to blurt out, "I thought Pluto didn't exist no more[sic]."

Needless to say, the people who were actually paying attention to the conversation, even some of the less mentally challenged Christians, face palmed, and Jack, the atheist, gave the girl a "dafuq?" face.
The girl, suddenly noticing all of the face-palming going on, attempted to remedy her mistake by saying, "I was just kidding." This explanation was hardly sufficient, however, and even the most mentally challenged Christian in the room could see right through it.

*This is based on a true story.

Leave any questions and comments in the designated area, and share your own "dafuq?" stories below. Peace until next time.

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